Shadeh Rassoulkhani

Shadeh Rassoulkhani is native to San Diego and a recent graduate with a Master of Public Health, concentrating in health promotion and behavioral science from San Diego State University. She also completed her bachelors in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara in 2016 and has enjoyed working with diverse populations in San Diego since then.
Shadeh has previous work experience as a case manager serving refugees, survivors of human trafficking, parolees, and asylees. Additionally, she has leadership experience working at a migrant youth shelter during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has also worked as a research assistant and program evaluation specialist for behavioral health, tobacco, and cancer studies. Additionally, Shadeh has previous experience working with various youth development programs and harm reduction programs in research and social service settings.
As a new program coordinator at Hoover High School, Shadeh is excited to start working with students, faculty, community stakeholders and organizations to support students in achieving their academic, career, and wellness goals.