FACES Success Stories

Reflections from FACES Students

“When I first came to Hoover, I did not know how to speak, read or write English. I joined the program my junior year; it is one of the best decisions I’ve made…FACES offered a sense of family and belonging.

It meant a lot for me to belong because coming to America was a cultural shock. It offers amazing opportunities to grow as a person and professionally. The community internships help students to develop skills of professionalism and dedication. The internship at Radys Children’s Hospital is the most outstanding experience I’ve ever had. If I could go back in time, I would not change a thing about FACES.”

Ali Akhmatov, Class of 2013

“Without FACES I would probably still be wondering about my career goal, or the difference between work and life’s work.”

Jorge Palacios, Class of 2012

“FACES taught me to be a stronger person, taught me to be more out-going. Honestly without FACES I would probably be a drop-out. I didn’t have anything to look forward to, I didn’t have any plans after high school. FACES created a plan for me after high school.

Maria Green, Class of 2011

“The most beneficial part of the program for me were the rotations, I met people I still talk with in the community. With the clinical rotations, they helped me decicde what field I wanted to go into, so right out of high school I kew wehre I wanted to go. I was thinking maybe a doctor or social worker, but rotations showed me that wasn’t really what I wanted. Now I’m studying Public Health – that’s what I really want to do.”

Lan Nguyen, Class of 2012