History of Bridge to Employment

Launched in 1992, Bridge to Employment (BTE) is a Johnson & Johnson initiative that prepares youth for brighter futures. The San Diego program started in 2015, joining more than 65 sites world-wide.

BTE works with students in disadvantaged communities in the United States and across the globe to mentor them about health careers and educational opportunities beyond secondary school. Partnering with a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary in their local community, secondary schools and higher education institutions, the program provides students with real-world experiences that increase their academic knowledge and awareness of college and careers.

Although each site is unique in its structure and implementation, BTE program excellence stems from its common core of school-to-career principles. The program provides opportunities for meaningful, contextual learning‚ connects students with adults in the workplace and promotes high standards of learning…all tailored to the particular needs of the community.

In San Diego, our goals are to increase in the number of students who enroll in higher education and increase in the number of students interested in pursuing a career in the health sector and/or the science sector. Partnering with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Hoover High School and a variety of institutes of higher learning, we are approaching these goals with strategies involving academic enrichment; career readiness and exploration; and higher education exploration and preparation.