Jennifer Fuentecilla

Serving as a director of programs in a diverse array of organizations, ranging from Planned Parenthood
to First United Methodist Church Chula Vista, Jennifer is an experienced community leader. Jennifer has
a track record of success in leading educational, outreach and community building programs in San
Diego County.
Jennifer’s mission is to empower and inspire women, children and families to improve their lives by
providing a pathway to success which encompasses many areas including health, well-being, financial
literacy, safety and job skills – as well as personal fulfillment and an ability to give back to the
Jennifer brings strong organizational development skills, team leadership, volunteer coordination, event
management, and a partnership-based approach. Throughout her various roles, she successfully
collaborated with local organizations including the Good Neighbor Center, San Diego Unified School
District, the International Rescue Committee as well as YUGO Ministries in Ensenada, Mexico.